Almost every modern business selling goods engages in e-commerce (and if it’s not, it should!).  E-commerce, put simply, is the act of conducting business on the Internet, and in many [...]

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Community Management, Reputation Management and Defamation

It’s really tempting to look at a bad yelp review or see a sudden revolt from your customers or users and immediately want to lash out. Do NOT do this.

Take a moment, breathe, and think about what you want to say.

Often the CEO or founder of a company is in charge because they devoted time, energy, an enormous amount of resources, and took on considerable risk to themselves, their family life, and financial health. It’s only natural to want to keep close control, but some things you cannot control. One of those things is the Internet.

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Why Should I Incorporate?

This is a question sole proprietors often ask themselves. “What’s the point of incorporating? I’m doing just fine by myself.”

For starters, incorporating provides a liability shield. This means if someone filed a lawsuit against you, they could only go after your business provided you never give them an opportunity to pierce the corporate veil (this usually means as a corporate officer you made your personal affairs and the company affairs indistinguishable).

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Terms of Service and User Privacy

Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy on websites are the things users almost universally do not read - but they have real legal consequences. These contracts follow traditional contracting requirements but because they are contracts of adhesion and each website provides different services - each needs to be tailored to be 1) enforceable at a basic contracting level and 2) give proper disclaimers, warrantees, and comply with Federal and State laws.

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