The First Amendment, Hate Speech, and Social Media

Recently, I wrote an article for WIRED about the tenuous balance between free speech principles and hate speech on social media.  One of the larger take aways is that social media is largely comprised of self affirming echo chambers.  Users sign up for a social media platform and it caters to everything they like – it also caters to their biases, for better or for worse.


We’re Reddit Mods, and This Is How We Handle Hate Speech


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Brian Lynch graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with high honors and a degree in Public Policy studying science and technology policy. Brian earned a Juris Doctor from California Western in 2012. Brian is a member of the State Bar of California and admitted to practice in the U.S. Southern District of California and the U.S. Central District of California. Brian also manages and implements policy for an online community of over 40 million users and started in 2016 to tackle some of the pain points associated with trademark and copyright filing.

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