Lynch Legal launched, Erwin, a tool to assist businesses and individuals register trademarks and copyrights using automation and legal review. You can find out more at

Lynch Legal Consulting specializes in business formation, trademark protection, Internet Law including DMCA and CDA compliance addressing issues related to defamation and copyright. Lynch Legal Consulting collaborates with lawyers in several jurisdictions to provide legal consulting for businesses and individuals across the United States.

  • Business formation
  • Trademark
  • Internet Law – CDA and DMCA compliance
  • Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Licensing and contract negotiation
  • Online reputation management
  • Defamation and California’s anti-SLAPP statute
  • Startup analysis and evaluation of legal viability
  • Mediation for disputes and contracts related to online services
  • Civil Litigation
  • First Amendment and Free Speech protection
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