The Fine Brothers’ Trademark

The Fine Brothers recently trademarked their REACT videos on YouTube and began a campaign of aggressively attacking monetized YouTube accounts using YouTube’s strike system.  If you get a strike on YouTube, your monetized account you face a lot of restrictions.  Get another strike and your whole account can be taken away.  If you appeal and lose, guess what?  You lose your right to appeal.

This seems like it’s not terribly important – who cares about a social media account anyway?  However, monetized YouTube accounts can support people financially at the equivalent of a full time job and can even mirror an extremely lucrative career.  The strikes can actually be extremely damaging to someone’s ability to make money through YouTube.


To find out more about the mechanics of the Trademark itself, check out this post from The Surf Lawyer.  He explains the ins and outs of the soft IP filings of the Fine Bros and points to a video game lawyer who is taking on the Fine Bros legally.

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